iDeveloped Skills Mission Statement

iDeveloped Skills, we seek to provide the opportunity for the youth and adults of  surrounding communities to come together in fellowship, using athletics as the foundation. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people of all different ages and backgrounds can benefit from physical development in the sports of basketball, volleyball and other recreational activities, therefore creating a stronger bond in our community. Instilling confidence, character, discipline, and a strong work ethic in the young men and women of our community is our organization’s primary mission.

Community Outreach



About Us

IDEVELOPED SKILLS ACADEMY is the agency that connects people to sports and education. Throughout its history, IDEVELOPED SKILLS ACADEMY has taken seriously its responsibility to improve the health, safety, environment, and quality of life for all citizens. Since 2014, IDEVELOPED SKILLS ACADEMY has reached many kids and parents to build a community through sports and education.